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Plastic Granulator Machine Plant New in Factory with Two Stage

Plastic Granulator Machine Plant New in Factory with Two Stage

Two stage extrusion pelletizing line with 500kg/h in factory newSJ series single screw single stage/double stage extrude;
Basic Info
Model NO. SJ150-150
Computerized Computerized
Certification CE, SGS
Capacity 150-800kg/H
Application PP PE Plastic Flakes
L/D 28-10
Pelletizing Way Pull Strap
Extruder Double-Stage
Degassing Two(One Vacuum, One Nature)
Screw and Barrel 38crmoala, Nitrogen, Bimetallic
Heater Cast Al
Deliverying Time 45 Working Days
Motor Siemens
Speed Control by Inverter
Inverter ABB
Brand Jorbin
Screw Cooling by Wind/Fan
Screw Desing by Ourself
Transport Package Film Packing and Wood Case or Wood Base
Specification Pellets size: 2.5*3 mm
Trademark JORBIN
Origin Zhangjiagang City
HS Code 84772010
Production Capacity 10sets/Year
Product Description

Brand Jorbin
Origin Zhangjiagang City/Jiangsu Province/China

Two stage extrusion pelletizing line with 500kg/h in factory newSJ series single screw single stage/double stage extruder is mainly composed of screw and barrel ,momentum driving system,heating,cooling and electric controllers etc.It is mainly used in plasticizing and extruding of PE,PP,EVA,CPP,BOPP,PS,PPS,EPS,ABS,PA,PLApipes,plates,sheets,profiles,chips,granulates and other plastic products.

1. Low energy consumption and high output;
2. Practical and reliable;
3. Water recycling, green and environmental protection;
4. Working 24 hours a day, greatly improving production efficiency;
5. The program has a high degree of automation, simple operation and stable performance;
6. Adapt to a wider range of materials;
7. Frequency conversion control;

High quality Plastic pelletizer machine
Raw material: PE PE EVA CPP BOPP PS PPS EPS ABS PA PLA rigid plastic recycling material;Output: 150-800kg/h;screw:single screw;Stage:single stage/double stage;Cutting type: pull strap like noodles;
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Plastic Granulator Machine Plant New in Factory with Two Stage

- Product Parameter -Recycling material of this machine
Shapepipes,plates,sheets,profiles,Raffia,Foam, chips
TypeLoose, Bundle, Roll, Scrap
OriginOff cut, agglomerator film, In house waste, Regrind
Can be customized
The main design output is between 100 ~ 800kg / h, according to the different needs of customers to determine the yield.
Single stageL/DCapacityMotorDouble StageL/DCapacitySingle StageMotorSecond StageMotor
SJ85 SJ85-85
SJ90 SJ90-90
SJ110 SJ110-110
SJ140 SJ140-140
SJ170 SJ170-170

- Product Information -1,Rotary charger&Hopper:
Function: Feeding the materials into hopper(feeder)by rotary charger,then after platicizing,feed the material into the extruder equally.features:Speed possible controlled by inverter;There is sight glass on the hopper(feeder),so that the material can be seen how much is in the hopper;The material of rotary charger and hopper is SS304;
This machine uses a single screw double stage;
Function: Material come from the first stage into the second stage through the die, extruding, plasticizing, and heating different materials in order to make the materials come out of the mold more stable, which can determine the production capacity of the entire machine;Gear box:high torque,low noise,external connect with cooling recycling system;Hard teeth face reducer;The advantages of twin stage machine:
1. two screen changers can filter more impurity, the pressure can be reduced; 2. the capacity can be improved; 3. Material come out from the die will be much more stable, won't be broken down;

Plastic Granulator Machine Plant New in Factory with Two Stage

3,Hydraulic screen changer system
Double positions hydraulic screen changing system, screen net 200mmNo material leaking

Plastic Granulator Machine Plant New in Factory with Two Stage

4,Pelletizing unit
pull strap pelletizing way:Pull strap pelletizing way is a standard pelletizing method,like noodleswater tank:The water tank has the function of moving back and forth and liftingThere is a water level drain pipe in the water tank. When the temperature of the water in the water tank is too high, it is necessary to continuously inject cold water to keep the water cool, and the excess water is discharged from the water level pipe
gale dryer:Two-channel strong wind dryer, using one blowing and one suction method, forced drying and cooling of the material strips
pelletizer:Cantilever granulator, adopts frequency conversion speed regulation

Plastic Granulator Machine Plant New in Factory with Two Stage

Plastic Granulator Machine Plant New in Factory with Two Stage

5,Wind transmission system & electrical control box
Function:loading the material into the silo;Wind transmission system:pipe line,tee joint T,silo are made by stainless steel;the bracket is made of carbon steel;electrical control box:
RKC Temperature controlling system and inverter control the belt conveyer, the speed of main machine and pelletizing system;Display and protect the pressure of machine head;SCHNEIDER Contractor, DELIXI low pressure electric equipment,pressure sensor,etc;American CRYDOM solid-state relay;Supply the line which connect the main machine and cabinet;
Vibration for the pellets-Our Company-We are professional manufacturer.We have made the extruder machine with 10 years of strong experience.

Our Company is special in producting plastic recycling granulating machine and extrusion machine etc.In the field of plastic recycling, Jorbin Machinery can provide you with a series of high-quality recycling production lines for recycling various plastics.

At present,some of our products are in the factory,you are welcome to visit our factory anytime! Our machine have been sold to all of the world like Russia, Poland, Dubai, Malysia, Taland, India, Mexico, Ecuador and so on.
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We supply below necessary documents with the machine:

  1. Machine layout
  2. Electricity diagram
  3. Machine certificate
  4. General manual book/maintenance book
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