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Polymer HDPE Structural Wall Spiral Winding Water Sewage Pipe Undergroud Machine Extrusion Machinery

Polymer HDPE Structural Wall Spiral Winding Water Sewage Pipe Undergroud Machine Extrusion Machinery

PE winding pipe production line Plastic HDPE/PP/PPR/PVC/Pert Structural Hollow Double Wall Spiral Winding Sewer Corrugat;
Basic Info
Model NO. sj75/38 single screw extrruder
Warranty Lont Time Service
Product Type PE Pipe
Screw No. Single-screw
Automation Automatic
Computerized Computerized
Certification CE, ISO9001:2008, SGS
Customized Customized
Condition New
After-sales Service 1 Year
spiral Spiral, Profiled Wall, Corrugated, Prolfied Ribbed
Product Type1 HDPE Double Profiled Wall Spiral Winding Pipe
Electrical Appliances Siemense, Omron
HDPE Drain Pipe Diameters 200-800, 600-1600, 800-2400, 1400-3000/4000mm
HDPE Pipe Use Waste Water Drainage, Rainwater Drainage
Plastic Winding Pipe Use Water Tanks, Cable Duct Tubes, Drainage Pipes
Optional Devices for Spiral Pipe Machine Gravimetric Metering System, Laser Printer
HDPE Pipe Line Mixer, Extruders, Extrusion Die Mould and Calibrat
HS Code 1 8477209000
Transport Package Film
Specification 200-3000MM
Trademark wangyuan
Origin China
HS Code 8477800000
Production Capacity 100 Sets
Product Description
PE winding pipe production line

Plastic HDPE/PP/PPR/PVC/Pert Structural Hollow Double Wall Spiral Winding Sewer Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Manufacturing Production Machine Line

Spiral, Profiled Wall, Corrugated, Prolfied Ribbed
HDPE Large Diameter Hollow wall winding pipe production line

HDPE Large-Diameter Hollowness Wall Winding Pipe Production Line adopts advanced PLC computer control,high efficiency screw and composite die whichincludes pipe extruder,co-extruder,winding forming machine,cutting machine and relevant auxiliaries.This production line features high capacity,high efficiency and stable running.The finished pipe features high rigidity,high creep-resistance,convenient connection and economic use.

Polymer HDPE Structural Wall Spiral Winding Water Sewage Pipe Undergroud Machine Extrusion Machinery

Product DescriptionLarge diameter HDPE Hollowness wall winding pipe extrusion making machine.Weholite HDPE pipe production line.HDPE structured-wall corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing machinery.HDPE Solid Wall spiral winding pipe extrusion lines manufacture.HDPE Ribbed pipe extrusion lines.Solid wall spiral winding HDPE pipe production machine line.**plastic pipes diameters: 200mm-4000mm**Ring stiffness: SN2, SN4,SN8,SN12.5, SN16** Produced flat/corrugated pipes/tanks applications:

- Sewage and drainage pipes - Storm water pipes - Rain water sewage plastic pipes - Cable protection - Civil construction -Chemical storage tank - Liquid storage tank - Manhole wellbore1.The screw is the double-stage pressure reduction type, with special elements to promote the mixing plasticization, coordinated with the highly precise temperature control and high torque, the line can use full recyclable material. The two machines combined type feeding, spiral rotation foamed and high efficiency compound crafts ensure a high quality product. The special plastic and steel compounding technology ensures a reliable compounding, which highly enhances the pipe performance. The adjustable extruder frame is easy and flexible to operate. The PLC automatic control system is reliable and convenient for maintenance.
2.Advantage :
The HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe extruder machine is designed with advanced technology by our company . It is featured with high speed and excellent extrusion quality by adopting two sets of high efficiency single screw extruder. Unique design of composite die head for large diameter winding pipe processing with high production efficiency. High quality of winding pipe produced by adopting the unique winding process. Easy operation and high performance by adopting an advanced PLC control system with touch screen.

Polymer HDPE Structural Wall Spiral Winding Water Sewage Pipe Undergroud Machine Extrusion Machinery

Polymer HDPE Structural Wall Spiral Winding Water Sewage Pipe Undergroud Machine Extrusion Machinery

Main Technical Data:
Output (kg/h)250120300120500150750
Pipe dia. (mm)Φ200-Φ800Φ400-Φ1200Φ800-Φ1600Φ1200-Φ2200Φ2000-Φ3000
Production speed (m/h)2-162-121-60.5-50.3-3
Installed power (kw)180250300400500
PE steel plastic composite winding pipe production line
Double flat wall composite winding pipe
Pairs of flat-wall steel-plastic composite winding pipes are polyethylene (PE) as the main raw materials, prefabricated into "T" plate with a strip wound in the tube forming machine and welding into the pipeline, while the galvanized steel strip tied the W steel band embedded in the slot between two strip, coated steel strip on the PE pipe outer wall of the third generation of new steel-plastic drain pipe.
All Extruders adopt the special designed high efficiency single screw extruder, special structural screw and barrel, the yield is high, consume little energy, good plasticization, reasonable forming tool structure, two machines unites to provide material and revolving forming, choice conceiving and special design.
Advanced PLC computer control system can be chosen to ensure convenient, stable and dependable operation.
Adopting two steps type decompression screw, with specially promoting mixing and plasticization component, high twist torque and high temperature control accuracy.
Adopting composite die, two extruders unite to provide material, helix turning forming, high efficiency compound technology ensures high product quality.

Polymer HDPE Structural Wall Spiral Winding Water Sewage Pipe Undergroud Machine Extrusion Machinery

1) It can be widely used in the drainage and sewerage piping of municipal construction
2) Irrigation engineering for farmland, irrigation network, water supply and drainage flooded fields
3) Fluid conveying in chemical and mineral industries
4) Piping in factories, sewerage treatment plants and other public places

Polymer HDPE Structural Wall Spiral Winding Water Sewage Pipe Undergroud Machine Extrusion Machinery

Plastic Large Diameter HDPE Spiral Winding Pipe Extrusion Production Line

Application of large diameter hollow wall winding pipe :

At present, the sewage and drainage systems in the world still use the cement pipes. However, due to its instable chemical property and loose connection, it has become the principle cause for environment pollution. On the other hand, the cast iron pipes cannot be used any more for its disadvantages, such as the inconvenient construction and expensive cost. In recently years, the plastic pipes have been draw great attention and have become the substitute products for cement pipes and cast iron pipes. All these shows that the twisted large diameter plastic pipes have a great market potentiality.

Main technical diameter & Configurations List:

Modelextruderpipe range(mm)max output capacity(kg/h)total powder(kw)
modelmotor powderID(min)OD(max)
qingdao cuishi plastic Machinery co.,ltd is a high-tech and innovative company dedicated to the research and development and manufacturing of plastic extrusion molding equipment since 1999

Deeply trusted and praised by customers.our cuishi company has many subsidiaries such as plastic pipes equipment, sheet/board/film intelligent equipment, intelligent automation equipment, and granulation equipment. We are familiar with kinds of plastic raw materials to help you choose the most suitable machine on best quality by economically.The main products of the company are:1. PVC/PP/PE wood plastic production lines2. PVC/PP/ PS /WPC wide sheet board production lines3. PVC/UPVC /WPC door and window profiles, ceiling panels, wall panels, window sill panels, wall hanging panels and other profiles extrusion production lines4. PC/PA/ABS /TPV /TPE and other profiles production lines5. PVC/PPR/PE/PERT/PC pipe production lines6. HDPE/PE/PVC/PPR/PERT solid wall pipe production lines, as well as HDPE/PE gas pipe production lines7. Vertical and horizontal HDPE/PP/PVC corrugated pipe production lines & reinforced winding pipe production lines8. Multi-layer and single-layer PE/PP/PS/HIPS/GPPS/PC/ABS/PLA/PET/PMMA/APET/PETG sheet production line9. EVA/POE/PVB/SGP film production line; TPU/TVB film and lithium battery separator production line10. All kinds of PE/PP/PLA/PET pelletizing units11. PVC/PE/PP automated centralized feeding system12. PP meltblown fabric and various Spunbond non-woven fabric production lines13. SPC LVT PVC Floor Production Line14. PVC foamed board extrusion production lines
  1. PP hollow sheet line 16. Recycling auxiliary equipment related to extrusion line, such as extrusion mold, plastic shredder, plastic crusher, plastic pulverizer, cooling tower, automatic screw loader, hopper dryer, plastic mixer and etc.

Leading technology and excellent quality have been highly recognized by authoritative departments and markets. Products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Romania, etc. The company has a high-quality talent R&D team and more than 24 years of experience in the industry. A team of mechanical and electrical commissioning engineers, as well as an advanced machining base and a standardized assembly workshop. More than 200 sets of high-end plastic extrusion lines are produced every year.


Part 1: HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe production line
1. HDPE Large diameter winding pipe (diameter from 200mm-4000mm) has high ring stiffness and high brunt intensity with "H" structure. It can be used for approximate 50 years and has many advantages such as low cost assembly and easy operation, with standing pressure, corrosion resistant such as acid, alkali and salt etc. It is becoming as a replacement of cement pipe and cast iron pipe nowadays. It is being widely used as sewage and drainage pipe. 2. HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe machine .**The HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe extrusion line is designed with advantaged technology and improved based on long time practice experience. Diameter range can be 200-4000mm. **Our machine is featured with comfortable operation and high performance/price ratio. **Due to our special design, it is very convenient in transportation and installment. **We also developed energy saving method to save energy consumption in large diameter hollow wall winding pipe extrusion. **By adopting two sets of high efficient extruders, the output capacity is big. Our winding pipe extrusion line can make pipe with ring stiffness 4, 8, 12, 16KN/m2. All parts precisely designed and manufactured so the whole extrusion line works stably and reliably. **Special design for easy maintenance. **The HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe extrusion line is mainly used for producing large diameter hollow wall winding pipe.
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