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Transformer Tank Forming Machine

Transformer Tank Forming Machine

I General Layout for Transformer Corrugation Fin Production Line (fin forming, fin seam&edges welding, reinforcing rod w;
Basic Info
Model NO. Transformer Tank Forming Machine
Production Scope Product Line
Thickness of Steel Sheet 0.5-1.75mm
Length of Formed Sheet >=290mm
Height of Corrugation 50-400mm
Corrugation Pitch >=40mm
Corrugation Pitch Accuracy ±0.25mm
Corrugation Inner Gap 6mm
Max Pressure 25MPa
Max Flux 200L/Min
Hydraulic Pressure 16MPa
Coil Inner Diameter Min 470mm, Max 520mm
Transport Package Steel Wire.
Specification 300-1300mm
Trademark EN-SOURCE
Origin China, Zhejiang
HS Code 85041900
Production Capacity 500
Product Description

I General Layout for Transformer Corrugation Fin Production Line (fin forming, fin seam&edges welding, reinforcing rod welding, spot welding, vertical bending and tank assembling)
Build up of Transformer Corrugated Fin Production Line as the Drawings Shown1. Transformer Corrugated Fin Forming Unit1 Hydraulic Automatic Decoiler Machine 2 Automatic Transformer Corrugated Fin Forming Machine3 Hydraulic Plate Shearing and Hemming Machine4 Hydraulic System5 Electrical Control System2. Transformer Corrugated Fin Seam Welding Unit6 Roller Conveyor7 Corrugated Fin Automatic Welding Machine3. Transformer Corrugated Fin Spot Welding Unit8 Spot Welding Machine for Fin Embossment4. Transformer Corrugated Fin Vertical Bending Unit9 Hydraulic Vertical Bending Machine5. Corrugated Tank Assembly Unit10 Tank Assembly Manipulator for Corrugated TanksGeneral Introduction of Transformer Corrugation Fin Production Line The corrugated fin production line is special equipment for manufacturing sealed and maintenance-free transformer oil tank. Main producing process: decoil the material, form plate corrugation, shear and hem corrugated plate, convey and weld corrugation ends edges, weld reinforcing rod, weld fin embossment, bend the finished corrugated fin, assembly corrugated steel tank.Main Technical Parameters of Transformer Corrugated Fin Production Line 1. Width of corrugation: 300~1300mm 2. Thickness of steel sheet: 0.5-1.75mm 3. Length of formed sheet: >=290mm 4. Height of corrugation: 50-400mm 5. Corrugation pitch: >=40mm 6. Corrugation pitch accuracy: ±0.25mm 7. Corrugation inner gap: 6mm 8. Max. Pressure: 25MPa 9. Max. Flux: 200L/min


II Equipment Description
1. Description of Necessary Machine Unit (1) Hydraulic Automatic Decoiler Machine1.1 Introduction The base frame of decoiler is welded steel construction, the expandable mandrel is mounted on roller bearings. Expansion and retraction of the mandrel is hydraulically realized.When the steel sheet is automatically fed, a hydraulic motor equipped on the mandrel will function as an auxiliary mechanism for decoiling and partially rewinding the coil. A photoelectrical device composed of 2 photoelectrical switches can sense the sheet hanging between decoiler and corrugation former to control material feeding process. 1.2 Parameters of Our Hydraulic Automatic Decoiler Machine 1) Hydraulic pressure: 16MPa 2) Coil inner diameter: Min 470mm, Max 520mm 3) Max. External diameter of steel coil: 1200mm 4) Coil width: Max. 1300mm 5) Coil weight: Max. 10 tons(with inclined support structure) (2) Transformer Corrugated Fin Forming Machine 2.1 Introduction The corrugation former consists of steel-welded base, 2-roll feeder, movable forming mold, movable forming pressboard and fixed forming pressboard. It is employed to form the steel corrugation automatically.The corrugation former processed steel sheet using the theory of corrugation extrusion, it is controlled by high accuracy servo system. Hydraulic oil is supplied by hydraulic station.The control system of the former is independent from that of the welding unit.There are 2 quenched pressing bars on both movable forming pressboard and fixed forming pressboard, which are used to press the two ends of corrugation. The position of pressing bars is adjustable according to the width of steel sheet.Reinforcement slots(embossments) can be formed upon customer's request. 2.2 Parameters of Our Transformer Corrugated Fin Forming Machine 1) Plate width: 300mm-1300mm (according to customer's needs) 2) Corrugation height: 50mm-400mm 3) Corrugation pitch: >=40mm 4) Plate thickness: 0.5mm-1.75mm 5) Forming speed: 3-4fins/min 6) Power: 28KW 7) Number of pumps: 2 (two separate plunger pumps) 8) Control system: electrical, hydraulic and control board(3) Hydraulic Plate Shearing and Hemming Machine 3.1 Performance Features of Hydraulic Plate Shearing and Hemming Machine This device is used to shear and hem corrugated steel fins. If the fins with this hemming edge, you can make "corrugated fin tank" more easily, and weld different pieces of corrugated fins into a transformer tank more tightly. It consists of lower shearing blade and movable upper shearing blade, which is mounted on a pillar guides. The shear blades are made from tool steel, it can shear over 100 thousand times after each sharpening with the minimum burr. Shearing and hemming of the corrugated steel sheet can be done manually or automatically by feeding mechanism. The shearing and hemming of the corrugated steel sheet is hydraulically driven.3.2 Parameters of Our Hydraulic Plate Shearing and Hemming Machine 1) Shearing width: 300mm-1300mm 2) Corrugation height: <=400mm 3) Shearing thickness: <=2.0mm 4) Shearing time: 3-5seconds/time 5) Hemming function is optional, hemming height: 20mm (Available to be chosen from18mm to 25mm but should be fixed)(4) Hydraulic System The hydraulic system consists of oil tank, pump, motor and regulating valves for oil-ways. The main hydraulic elements are supplied by Rexroth Company, Germany.4.1 Parameters of Our Hydraulic Station 1) Max. Pressure: 25MPa 2) Max. Flux: 200L/min 3) Pump motor power: 28KW4.2 Pictures of Our Hydraulic Station (5) Electrical Control System5.1 Electrical control system consists of main control cabinet, operation console, local operation panel and connection wires etc. All the relays, switches, transformers and PLC are mounted in the main control cabinet. MITSUBISHI controller have been adopted to fulfill the control of the production line. The sheet feeder and welding torch movement are controlled by MITSUBISHI AC Servo drive system. The SCHNEIDER Monitor has been introduced to the line as man-machine interface. The control console is equipped with the SCHNEIDER color touch screen, buttons, and indicating lights. The lamination shapes selection(like fin width, fin height and pitch) and parameters adjustment can be fulfilled easily through the SCHNEIDER color touch screen monitor. Automatic circulatory operation is fulfilled after the related parameters have been input. Local control panels equipped in different parts of the production line can realize manual operation.5.2 Pictures of Our Control System(Control Station, Control Panel (6) Roller Conveyor6.1 Features of Roller Conveyor The transport rollers are used to convey the sheared and hemmed corrugated sheets to the welding device. The roller conveyor is equipped with ball bearing for flexible conveyance without motorization. 6.2 Pictures of Roller Conveyor(7) Corrugated Fin Automatic Welding Machine7.1 Introduction of Our Corrugated Fin Automatic Welding Machine The welding device is used to weld the corrugation ends edges and reinforcing rod with MAG welding mode and the diameter of round rod bar is 6mm~8mm. It consists of corrugated steel sheet conveying mechanism, welding torches elevating mechanism, amplitude modulation mechanism and one machine hand. 1) Corrugated steel sheet conveying mechanism: It can transport the corrugated steel sheet to the right welding position according to welding program. 2) Welding clamps and welding torches elevating mechanism: Each pair of welding clamps is driven by an air cylinder via link drive mechanism to hold and release the workpiece. The welding torches are mounted on slide which is driven by servo motor up and down along rolling guide via ball screw shaft. 3) Amplitude modulation mechanism: Two sets of welding clamps and welding torch moving mechanisms mounted on slide are arranged on both side of the line. Distance between the two slides is adjustable along the rolling guide with a centering lead screw. 4) Machine hand In case of missing seam welding, we use the machine hand to push corrugated fin to the welding position, and this machine hand is driven by air cylinder. Auto welders: Two sets of Panasonic Welders are installed in the line. 7.2 Specifications of the welder are as following: 1) Welding speed: Vs=0.5~1 m/min 2) Welding wire feeding speed: Vd=3.4~6 m/min 3) Electric arc voltage:15-16V 4) Welding current: 50-60A 5) Diameter of welding wire: 0.8 mm 6) Shield gas: 85% Ar+15% CO2 7) Consumption of shield gas: 15 L/min 8) Tip length of welding wire: 7~10 mm(8) Spot Welding Machine for Fin Embossment8.1 General Introduction of Our Spot Welding Machine (i.e. Fin embossments spot welding machine) This spot welding machine is used to increase the strength of reinforcement slots(embossment).8.2 Main Units of Corrugated Fin Spot Welding Machine : 1) Conveyor 2) Centering system 3) Clamps & generators 4) Cooling system 5) Control console with computer8.3 Parameters of Corrugated Fin Spot Welding Machine 1) With 2 spot guns. 2) Total rated power: 50KVA x 2 3) Cooling system 4) HMI control system 5) Suitable fin width: 600mm-1600mm 6) Suitable fin height: >=120mm 7) Air Source: Self provided. 8) Air pressure: 0.6Mpa(minimum) 8.4 Pictures of Corrugated Fin Spot Welding Machine Running Machine Finished Products (9) Hydraulic Vertical Bending Machine 9.1 This hydraulic vertical bending machine allows to form the 4 panels composing the complete transformer tank. Using this system it allows to eliminate 3 weldings, save time of assembling and welding the tank with a reduction of leakage risks. 9.2 Main Units of Hydraulic Vertical Bending Machine: 1) Bending system 2) Safety system for the operator 3) Hydraulic unit 4) Control panel 9.3 Main Parameters of Hydraulic Vertical Bending Machine: 1) Sheet thickness(Max.): 1.75mm 2) Panel width(Max.): 1300mm 3) Panel fin height: 50-400mm 4) Distance between panels(Min.): 60mm 5) Power: 5.5Kw 6) Hydraulic pressure: 10MPa 9.4 Pictures of Hydraulic Vertical Bending Machine: (10) Tank Assembly Manipulator for Corrugated Tanks10.1 Main Features of Tank Assembly Manipulator for Corrugated Tanks Tank assembly manipulator is designed for fast and easy assembly of the top frame, tank bottom and the four corrugated panels to make a complete tank.10.2 Main Units of Tank Assembly Manipulator for Corrugated Tanks: 1) The base frame 2) The hydraulic expanding head 3) A small hydraulic power pack 4) 4 sets clamp arms10.3 Specific Technical Data 1) Basic parameters of equipment: Rated power: 4KW Rated voltage: 380V Rated pressure: 0.8MPa Rated oil pressure: 3MPa 2) Tank inside dimensions: Min (W) 285mm to 900 mm Max (L) 600mm to 1500mm10.4 Pictures of Tank Assembly Manipulator for Corrugated Tanks: 2. Technical Parameters of this Transformer Corrugated Fin

1Plate Width (W)300~800 mm300~1300 mm300~1600 mm
2Plate Thickness (T)0.5~1.75mm
3Corrugation Height (H)50~300mm50~400mm
4Corrugation Pitch (P) >=45mm or >=40mm
5Pitch Tolerance ± 0.25mm
6Hemming Height (R) 20mm
7Fin Gap (G) 6mm


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